The New Zealand Llama Association

The most important thing the NZLA offers is a place you can meet people with a shared interest – llamas! A place where you can share information, get help or advice, and  where we support each other to promote the well-being llamas.

What we do

  1. To educate owners and interested members of the public in the needs, care and welfare of llamas.
  2. To promote llamas and their uses as companion animals and pets.
  3. To facilitate and encourage fun activities with llamas.
  4. To liaise with government and other authorities on behalf of members on matters pertaining to llama ownership, care and use.
  5. To provide a communication forum for the sharing of news, ideas and knowledge relevant to llama ownership, care and use.
  6. To negotiate, set up and operate agencies, or other arrangements with other Camelid organisations where applicable to achieve the objectives of the association.
  7. To encourage compliance with a code of conduct for llama ownership
  8. To provide a registry for the collection of information of all New Zealand llamas and for the registration of llamas.
A Closer Look

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NZLA AGM will be held on 7th May 2016 at 384 Takapu Road, Tawa, Wellington

Get Ready for the Christchurch Show Part 4

Well, here is our final notification about this year’s show, it is shaping up to be a cracker and not one to be missed!  We will have an improved llama compound, new attendance rules which will result in less stress for you and your llamas and I even have it on good...

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Get Ready for the Christchurch Show Part 3

It will sneak up on you, heck it is almost September already! Remember your entries must be in by September 24th. Today we’ll look at the Performance Classes, all of which will be judged on the Friday of the Show, November 11th. PUBLIC RELATIONS The first of these is...

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Get Ready for the Christchurch Show Part 2

Time to start thinking about which llamas you will show this year, which classes you will  enter them into and what training you will need to conduct to prepare them. The afternoon of November 10th (Thursday) will be a busy one with judging of Conformation and Progeny...

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August 2016 Newsletter

Yesterday I noticed that the daffodils leaves are above ground and some flower buds are showing, the wattle trees are beginning to flower and some of the leaf buds on the trees are beginning to swell. Spring is beginning to think about coming! After the winter we’ve...

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Get Ready for the Christchurch A&P Show Part 1

The countdown has started! Show dates are 9 - 11th November this year. On the 9th of November the NZLA will be organising a special day to showcase llamas and llama products.  Judging has been scheduled as follows:10th November - fleece, craft, conformation, progeny,...

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Winter 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the Winter newsletter. The AGM at Tawa is over and the new committee is all ready to start the year. The experiment to invite anyone with an interest in Camelid to the workshops was a success, with 18 members of the public paying to attend. It was a great...

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Newsletter Autumn 2016

Welcome to the Autumn newsletter. It felt like the clocks changed and so did the weather, much colder at night now so make sure you are ready for winter, hay in the barn, shelter for the animals and plenty of wood in the shed to keep yourself warm. There are some...

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The 100th Amuri A&P Show

The 100th Amuri Show to be held Saturday 5th March in Rotherham, North Canterbury. Jacky MIddleton will be bringing her llamas and representing the NZ Llama Association at the Show. It will be a great day out. Horse and Sheep classes judged at venue on show day. On...

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Llamas to Give to Good Home (now all rehomed)

UPDATE: These llamas have now been re-homed. Life circumstances have changed, and we need to move our herd of eight intact boys on to good homes. We are not selling these llamas, we are gifting them to homes where they will be looked after. We have to sell our farm...

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Llama Walk North Canterbury

Best wishes of the season to all and their llamas, please take care on the roads and don't eat too much . . . . . . Oh, go ahead then. To help walk off a few X Mas grams and give those llamas a day out, I have scheduled a walk on Nape Nape beach for Sunday January...

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